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Medical assistance

At the RSA there are always 6 doctors available (including the Medical Director) each with their own different specialties.


In general, the Healthcare Manager is present every day for visits, supervision, planning and checking of medical and nursing activities.

In addition, one of the other doctors of the health team is always present on a daily basis to carry out visits and prescriptions to the residents.


The medical service has been organized by appointing the figure of the core referring physician per single floor. 24-hour medical assistance is ensured with an affiliated medical guard and presence of the residence' doctors during the weekend and all holidays.


Doctors are always available for one-on-one interviews with family members, by appointment or telephone.

Specialist medical visits


For specialist visits and diagnostic tests, personalized visits to external structures or in-house are carried out on the recommendation of the family doctor, according to the conditions of the resident.

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