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We welcome you to our home, a protected and welcoming environment
for all senior citizens.

Edificio RSA Arzaga casa per anziani Milano

Our Residence

of the Jewish Community of Milan, is a welcoming place as well as a protected environment for all elderly people who are in need of special support.

Our skills, combined with our outstanding values,  are reflected in all the services we offer and in the every day small gestures dedicated to our residents.


Our  long standing experience and skills are made available to the resident and his family,  in order to convey a sense of wellbeing throughout the stay in our structure.

It is our pleasure to tell you more about what we can offer you, for whatever reason you may want to come and join us or for all of you looking for a welcoming residence for your loved ones.

Our services

The services of our Residence are numerous and personalized, you will find them all in our Service Charter which

is at your complete disposal.

Contact us

Do you need information or do you want to speak to someone directly?

Our Partners

Federica Sharon Biazzi logo

Our voluntary organization “Federica Sharon Biazzi” has been collaborating, with expertise and great generosity, for many years with the RSA Arzaga. Volunteers dedicate themselves to individual accompaniment for medical examinations, companionship, gardening, cooking and painting activities, workshops related to Hebrew holidays, readings and games.

RSA Arzaga Residenza per Anziani Comunità Ebraica Milano
RSA Arzaga Residenza per Anziani Comunità Ebraica Milano
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